What should be every runner’s best friend……….The Foam Roller

Quite possibly the most under-utilized tool for an endurance athlete in both injury prevention and treatment is this 18-36” piece of foam. As the gentleman above awkwardly shows us how to “foam roll”, you can see that pretty much any muscle or muscle group that is tight or sore can be targeted. The foam roller is a good, cheap way for an athlete to provide themselves with a treatment called “myofascial release”. Myofascial release is a type of soft tissue technique used to treat pain and restricted motion. The roller works by putting sustained pressure on a muscle which triggers a physiological response that restores proper motion, improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage, and speeds up recovery time.

Foam rollers are very easily found to purchase both online and in stores. Prices typically range from $15-$35. Well worth the investment to stay healthy in my humble and sometimes ridiculous opinion.