My Injury Prevention Series with Team in Training and The Courier Journal







Over the past month I’ve had the great joy and opportunity to work with Jessie Halladay during her training for the Dublin, Ireland Marathon on October 31. Jessie is a reporter for the Courier Journal and runs with Team in Training. Team in Training is a wonderful endurance training program that works to raise money to support the mission of The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to find a cure for blood cancers by funding research and to provide important patient services and patient aid to blood cancer patients and their families.

Jessie has been blogging about her training and invited me to take part in a series of interviews on some of the most important aspects of injury prevention for the runner. I’ve linked all of the interviews below, check them out!

1) Importance of Proper Footwear

2) Running on Different Surfaces to Prevent Injury

3) Specific Stretching to Avoid Injury

4) Specific Strengthening to Prevent Injury

5) Gait Analysis for Efficient Running

For more information on Team in Training, visit their website Here.

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